Pelvic Stability/Shoulder Flexibility

≤45 min. Pelvic stability and shoulder flexibility begin in this sequence with establishing a foundation in sukhasana while incorporating a few shoulder warmups and accessible twists. This gentle yoga practice follows seated shoulder warmups with standing positions to both engage the legs for pelvic openness while continuing the upper body focus on shoulder flexibility. An easy standing balance pose explores foot and ankle stability. There are tips and work-arounds for those of us who experience knee pain and cranky ankles in seated poses. You’ll also explore a breath practice wherein extended in-breath leads to a pause before the out-breath and after the exhale breath once again, a focus on the pause before inhalation. Your legs will engage fully in order to open the hips in standing, seated and supine poses. Poses that will enable you to go deeper in stretches of your hamstrings, calf and achilles are sequenced in a way as to flow easefully. It seems like all of us love to avoid some yoga poses, and for those of you (like me) that find gomukhasana at the top of that list, consider 2 tips to enable you to deepen into that pose – here is the spoiler: take the humerus of the lifted arm back with the opposite hand and secondly squeeze and let go with the hand of the lifted arm. Check it out – worked for me!

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