5 Exercises for strong fingers and hands to improve arm balances

≤30 min. Thanks to approaches used in Chinese practices, we can stimulate and strengthen our fingers and hands for yoga - especially important for those of us working on arm balance postures. We start with a finger clap (#1) to get the tips of our fingers engaged before using a finger tip foundation for warmup from all fours to puppy dog, then move to weight-bearing actions in a lunge twist. To further energize fingers proceed with an interlacing and webbing stimulation (#2) in order to get greater spread between the fingers. so that in adho muhka svanasana and palankasana (dog and plank) you will establish a broad foundation for stability. For more flexibility, enjoy repetitions of (#3) wrist circles (clockwise and counterclockwise) and a wrist massage (#4) as you externally rotate the arm as preparation for parsvakonasana. Remember Chinese finger traps --those woven bamboo cylinders that would trap your finger if you pull your finger away quickly? This finger exercise will remind you of finger traps. Grasp each finger with the opposite hand and pull (#5). Once you have completed the 5 finger exercises, enjoy a sun salute with the stability exhibited in the strength of your hands.

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