7 Different ways to move the spine – Standing, Sitting, and Supine

≤15 min. 7 movements of the spine include axial elongation, forward bend (spinal flexion), backbends (spinal extension), right side lateral stretch, left side lateral stretch, right spinal twist and left spinal twist. Through knowing the different ways the spine moves and incorporating these in every yoga practice and in your movements throughout the day, you will gain waves of understanding in your practice. Axial elongation is explored in tadasana as you lengthen the side body through the breath, and take the heads of the armbones back. In the standing forward bend (uttanasana) you may wish to use blocks -- I love to use props -- a further explanation of yoga props is available on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p7sSmeClp0. Explore backbend through cobra pose -- go to your belly and use your back muscles -- not your arms-- for a strong backbending pose. Cat/cow enables you to feel the extremes; in cat (backbend) and cow (forward bend) you can feel the differences in spinal flexion and spinal extension. Right and left side lateral stretches in what is one of my all time favorites -- parsvakonasana prepare you with greater leg to the side body before twists. In just a few minutes at the end of the practice, you will go through all the poses that enable you to move the spine in these 7 different ways. Then check it out -- doesn't your tadasana pose feel so much more alive and full?

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