7 Poses for tight hips

≤30 min. Do your tight hips a favor and notice the fluidity that these poses provide. This sequence is designed especially for my dear friends Adrian and Lok who have been traveling and their hips need some TLC. We start seated in baddha konasana, then move to create more flexibility in the piriformis with a seated version of sucirandrasana. We move into a stretch of the hip flexors in an upright lunge -- no slumping and rounding the spine here please, so that your total focus can stay in the pelvic area. As we balance on one leg there are three positions that will help create more flexibility -- the lifted leg will move in circles, side to side, and finally from hip flexion to hip extension. Come to a kneeling position to give strength to the outer hips with leg movements to the side. Again we will check in with the pose we started in -- baddha konasana, from seated to supine. Please make sure you are able to create the time to absorb and assimilate the practice in savasana.

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