Another baby step to Hanumanasana – pelvic alignment in splits

≤15 min. So many pieces to splits -- this is another piece of the puzzle -- pelvic alignment through engagement in the back leg; see below for the link to another step -- our first "baby step" to hanumanasana. In this practice we are focused on the strength and engagement of the back leg to align the pelvis properly (called "closed hip" alignment) with the effect of elongating the hip flexors. Find a space where you can use the wall for a lunges with the back foot on the wall, and a so-called "standing split" with your back foot at the wall. 00:38 Dog @ Wall 00:44 High Lunge 04:45 Open/Closed Hip 03:19 Split @ Wall 05:36 Childs Pose 06:11 Block in split

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