Arm alignment in full wheel – Urdhva Dhanurasana

≤15 min. A serious injury meant no urdhva dhanurasana in my practice for over 3 years. After lots of work on the many different aspects of full wheel, it occurred to be that starting from the beginning was the only way to re-learn the pose. For 2 years practices included lots of salabhasana to strengthen back muscles and to lengthen the front of the thighs or quadriceps, anjayenasana and setubandha sarvangasana. Once the back muscles were stronger and the quadriceps were more flexible, it was time to work on arm alignment and upper back flexibility. It has been a long time coming back to something that resembles what was once my favorite yoga pose -- it was always so accessible and deep that I never understood why others found it so difficult. That is the silver lining to injuries -- you learn so much more about the poses as a beginner student once again.

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