Customize for full engagement: standing, seated & supine poses

≤45 min. There is no quitting or surrender as a yogi. Both on the mat and off, the practice is about engagement and about knowing what work-arounds and bypasses you can do to refine your actions. This is a slow flow class that includes savasana wherein our attention and awareness is on what works for us and how to engage in all of our actions. Sometimes we are just like Arjuna -- eg vibrating in place and hesitant to be in action whether we are on or off the mat. There are always alternatives, variations, and work-arounds, and as yogis we need to discover what works for our bodies and mind to stay in action. Grab and blanket, strap and blocks if you have them -- if not, the practice is accessible without. Learn how to engage fully in what for many appear to be "resting poses" like tadasana, adho mukha svanasana, and savasana. Clue into proper alignment and muscular engagement in uttitha parsvakonasana and a variation of ardha chandrasana before squatting then sitting in marichyasana, and finally through supine actions to engage the abdominals before opening the heart in a supine baddha konasana. Enjoy a savasana as you savor the afterglow of practice through focus on your breath. Thank you Cindy for the great coaching -- I can always count on you to tell it like it is!

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