Finger, Hand & Wrist variations in poses

≤30 min. Several requests for videos to strengthen hands -- especially from my beloved who plays violin -- and now as a birthday present to my good friend has led me to create a practice that strengthen and creates flexibility in the hands while enabling us to work on the basic standing poses of yoga. You won't need any yoga props. You will be spreading your fingers like a spider to gain strength while in a lunge, showing off your biceps like Popeye the sailor man as you lengthen the forearm muscles, moving your thumb to the base of the baby finger while in parsvakonasana, stretch the back wrist for a variation in parsvottanasana, achieving more movement in the thumb joint while in trikonasana, and moving your hands like you might've done as a child while creating shadow animals with your hands. This is a practice to repeat often especially for those of us that are having difficulties with steading our grip. There are other practices related to hand and wrist work -- check out the hands and wrists and playlists for more information.

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