Floss the shoulders & create flexibility with arms in extension

≤30 min. Two movements are demonstrated --- one is similar to paddling and the other is a bit like backscratching. Grab your belt -- even a broom will do -- to practice these movements. This practice starts with and observation of the arms in tadasana. Many of us were probably told to lift our shoulders and draw them back for a nice standing posture. You'll learn how the instructions of creating a long side body before taking the heads of the arm-bones back serves the movement of arms in extension and when you combine those instructions with repeated paddling movements, you'll create more extension for humble warrior, salambhasana (locust), and dhanurasana (bow). The second movement that is taught leads us to the arm alignment of gomukasana -- for now let's call it the backscratch movement. With a belt or even a dowel, you'll be able to "floss" the shoulder joint followed by a standing and seated warrior pose then gomukasana to apply the demonstration and the teaching.

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