Help for your SI Joint

≤45 min. Practice a variety of standing, seated, and supine poses to create muscle strength and freedom in the sacroiliac (SI) joint. Variations include starting with a modified pigeon pose (that sensitive knees can handle), followed by supine and on our side hip flexion and extension before moving off the floor to and upright lunge, then to standing poses. As we work with the hamstrings you'll explore two versions of parsvottanasana followed by a balance practice wherein we reinforce action to lift one hip higher than the other while balancing on one leg to do a hip hike. You will move to seated postures via squat -- an all-important pose for the hips and especially for those of us looking for more freedom in the SI joint. While seated we will create length to the side body in a variation of janu sirsasana, and with that extra length, enjoy a seated twist (similar to marichyasana, but again with attention to creating space in the SI joint. Lying down we will create a clamshell movement and combine those movements to enhance the abductors before coming to a supine twist. To end the practice in a symmetric pose, grab a block or to to engage the legs -- especially the inner groin muscles, and gain strength in the lumbar curve to prepare for savasana.

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