Hip Attitude

≤45 min. Honestly this isn’t about being a hip yogi or a how-to video on developing a hipster attitude. What you will do is progress through poses that open your hips while you express the practice with an attitude of gratitude. We start with gentle hip openers on all fours before moving into variations of parighasana, then move on to work the back side of the leg: hamstrings, calf muscles, and ankle through downward dog variations and with toes on a rolled blanket. Have a tightly rolled blanket, two blocks and a strap to enhance your virabhadrasana 1, parsvottanasana, and uttanasana, and seated poses. To balance the practice with lengthening the front body you will be practicing some actions to open the upper back. How do to find the inspiration and freshness to practice this and other sequences? Like so many others, I’ve been inspired by Viktor Frankl in his writing about how to “choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance” (from his book Man’s Search for Meaning). Anusara Yoga ® recognizes the importance of attitude through the “3 A’s” of the practice; first and most importantly, is attitude. Although the alignment and physical actions often absorb us in the asana sequence, coming to the mat with an attitude of gratitude for all the teachings enables greater flow, ease and enjoyment. Teachings of Desiree Rumbaugh, Doug Keller, and Louise Hay inspired me so for this practice and sequence enabling a sense of freedom through open hips.

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