Hip mobility & shoulder strength — a practice for golf & tennis

≤30 min. Mobility (hips & upper thoracic) and Stability (shoulders & lumbar) are the focus of this practice for all levels and especially for golfers and tennis players. You may want to have a tennis ball and blocks for this practice. We will start and end the practice with poses that emphasize flexibility in the hip -- specifically focusing on internal rotation and external rotation. You will be able to understand how standing poses (virabhadrasana 2 or warrior 2 and parsvakonasana or side angle stretch) in yoga enable you to access internal and external rotation. Through poses such as bird dog, plank, side plank variations you'll gain strength and stability in your shoulders and low back. By using the tennis ball or when you create a supine back bend on a block you will find a way to access greater thoracic mobility that is so critical to twists.

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