Keep your head up! When your head shouldn’t go lower than your heart

≤30 min. Keeping your head up and avoiding inversions is important if low blood pressure, your cycle, eye concerns and dizziness restrict some movement, and forward bends, downward facing dog and other inversions shouldn't be part of your practice, but there are so many poses that will be beneficial. Start with high lunges and Virabhadrasana 1 and challenge yourself with some twists before proceeding to other standing poses such as parsvakonasana and virabhadrasana 2. With steadiness in your foundation, root from the pelvis to the earth to expand fully in a balanced tree pose (vrksasana) before lowering yourself to deeper low lunges to come to your belly for backbends such as salambhasana and dhanurasana. Once the back muscles are strong through the backbend poses, roll over to your back and keep the strength of the curves in the back in supta padangustasana and sucirandrasana. Assimilate all these actions in your savasana. A short, inclusive practice that is mindful of the need to keep your head higher than your heart.

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