Lumbar spine support in supine poses

≤30 min. In this gentle and slow yoga class we focus on the lumbar and the upper thoracic parts of the spine. This is a gentle supportive yoga class wherein the poses are held for 3-4 minutes; not quite as long as in a yin yoga class, but certainly long enough to draw our awareness slightly deeper into these parts of the spin. In the upper thoracic spine we often find that this kyphotic (e.g., rounded) curve seems quite inflexible when contrasted with the lumbar spine. We will hold the poses longer as we practice supine variations to poses such as sarvangasana, (alternatively legs up the wall), supta padangustasana, and supine twists. You will need a blanket and a block and we'll be starting by lying on our back. This practice was a Zoom yoga class held during the Indian celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, wherein celebrations honor rejuvenation, rebirth, a fresh start, and new beginnings. As we begin to find more flexibility in the spine a felt sense of vitality and awakening.

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