Open upper body, strengthen shoulders with a new student attitude

≤30 min. Interest the Dunning-Krueger effect and how it relates to yoga inspired this practice. Enthusiastically we start yoga practice; our inspiration is high, our confidence is high, yet as we mature and become more knowledgeable about the practice and our body, that feeling of confidence subsides, and only after diving deep into the practice does it seem to recover. How do you "fake it til you make it" in yoga practice? One of my teachers always used that cliche in teaching new poses when we became dispirited, or when our bodies didn't seem to cooperate in the alignment and actions required to refine the asana. If we use our physical form to create a more open attitude, it works! Try it with these shoulder strengthening and opening poses. You won't need any props as you go from lunges to standing postures to an interesting supine stretch before our final heart opening in bridge pose. Thanks so much to David Dunning and Justin Krueger for their work -- it inspires us in our yoga practice.

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