Pelvic stability through a psoas based yoga practice with Rita – create balance and easeful movement

≤45 min. In a neutral spine our pelvis is evenly balanced but with tight and short psoas and hip flexor muscles it can be difficult to gain fluid movement on and off the mat. This practice addresses pelvic alignment and ways to create balance action and mobility to enrich your on the mat experience. The psoas muscle attaches to 22 different areas in the body including vertebra, pelvis, spinal discs and the femur; these connections affect pelvic alignment. When we sit for extended periods of time tight psoas muscles often are a result, and the tightness may be more exaggerated on one side compared to the other. If only I had known about yoga postures to influence the psoas earlier! I've spent hours and hours in rolfing sessions to get relief from the tightness of this area -- yet through yoga practice I've been able to get the same relief. In this 20 minute practice you may also benefit from possibly spending less time on the table with a deep tissue practitioner by repeating these actions again and again. Rita Knorr for

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