Potpourri of yoga poses for shoulders and hips

≤45 min. Gain strength in your foundation and open your shoulders and heart through this hybrid practice with plenty of variety that incorporates warmup poses including standing crescent, cat cow pelvic tilts, cat variations (bird dog pose), utkatasana, salambhasana with variations, bhujangasana, and supported virabhadrasana III. Standing poses include virabhadrasana II, utthitha parsvakonasana variation, and prasarita padottanasana with fingers interlaced. Warmup and standing poses will prepare you for deeper seated and supine poses including a marichyasana III preparatory pose, stage 1 of paschimottanasana, supta padottanasana, jathara parivartanasana, setubhanda sarvangasana, and of course savasana to assimilate and rest in the actions of the practice.

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