Sacroiliac Support

≤45 min. This practice came about because of a quote from Marcus Aurelius: "What stands in the way becomes the way". So it is in our yoga practice; when we observe some idiosyncratic aspects of our physical body (that may "stand in the way") of our yoga practice, we address those issues and concerns. In order to address the muscles that affect sacroiliac alignment you will be working on back strength through salambhasana, abduction of the legs through a side leg lift, a forward bend that enables you to stretch your IT band. Also included are leg strengthening actions such as chair pose (utkatasana) and standing poses such as virabhadrasana 2 and uttitha trikonasana. As we come to the supine portion of the class, some more hamstring work with supta padangustasana as well as twists and further hip abduction. If you have a strap, blocks and blanket available, it may be useful.

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