Sensitive Flow Starting with a Wide Foundation

≤60 min. Come to this practice prepared for more toe work in order to set a good foundation in standing poses and to provide for greater ease in balance postures. Start on hands and knees for some toe stretches in variations in vadrasana and supta virasana. Notice how alive and energized your toes get – these actions are said to support your arches, your ankles, and knees. Move on to standing poses such as virabhadrasana 2, parsvakonasana, prasarita padottanasana with variations to stage 1 of the pose (where the lumbar spine maintains its natural curve), uttitha trikonasana and test your balance after stimulating the toes in the earlier seated variations as you expand your vrksasana (tree pose). Many of the instructions and asana in the sequence will enable you to strengthen the lumbar curve as you bring more strength and awareness to the actions of the legs. You may want to have blocks, a rolled towel, and a strap to enable more fullness as we flow without force in this practice to encourage sensitivity and awareness to foundation, strength, and alignment in poses.

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