Strength first for Hip Mobility: Commit to Glow

≤45 min. Lunges with some twisting variations enable both hip strengthening and shoulder flexibility. In a virabhadrasana 1 variation you will get length on the sides of the body followed by arm movement to soften the upper trapezius for shoulder mobility and flexibility in the upper thoracic spine to facilitate deeper backbends from the pelvis to the crown of the head. With such focus on hip strength and mobility the posture sequence leads you to a standing balance flow - from virabhadrasana 3 supported variation to ardha chandrasana and to prasarita ardha chandrasana. Following the standing poses we will be seated for dandasana to stage 1 of paschimottanasana using a strap to keep tone in back muscles while lengthening and supporting the natural curves of the spine. In the supine poses maintain engagement of the legs while in supta padangustasana to continue the focus on the lumbar curve. Access your inner glow (often referred to as “tejas” by yogis) in a practice that encourages commitment to stronger poses. You may wish to use blocks and a strap to enable you to go deeper in these poses.

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