Strengthen back, shoulder, and neck — and so much more in this slow flow practice

≤45 min. This well rounded slow flow contains a nice variety that I call a hybrid practice -- usually I like to focus on very specific actions and this practice covers quite a potpourri. Recently I was asked by a friend to create more sequences to address shoulder and neck issues -- the "tech neck" that so many are afflicted with was also an issue for my friend. You will find that this slow and steady flow also addresses methods to strengthen the lumbar curve. Poses that you know well -- like trikonasana, virabhadrasana 1 and 2, bhujangasana, sucirandrasana, and supine twist all have slight variations to keep the practice very interesting -- and the variations will stimulate your own curiosity and understanding of the poses. As a way to address neck tightness one of the common cues you often hear in yoga classes, "let your head hand like ripe fruit on the tree" gives you a sense of how to let go and lengthen. Years ago Ana Forrest taught me to just let the head relax in trikonasana -- though I don't use that technique often, sometimes it provides such relief to tight neck muscles that I've incorporated her ideas in this practice.

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