Text neck causing hunchback? Rhomboid freedom on the mat

≤15 min. If you use a computer, text, swim, bicycle, golf and play tennis, you are a candidate for this practice. Grab a sock that you aren't using any more and a tennis ball or some equivalent. Steps in this practice lead to easing the tension in your rhomboid major and minor. Learn how the muscles work through feeling the action of the scapula in cactus, goal post, "W" and angel wing movements. First we practice in Virabhadrasana 2 with arm variations that enables you to sense the muscular engagement and alignment. An additional video that will be useful relates to toning your "bat wings": https://youtu.be/YkK3rQmO95w Then grab a sock with a tennis ball at the toe, and go to the wall to find the area between your shoulders that needs some attention; that is far more accessible that lying down, which comes next. If it is too much pressure for you to lie on the ball, then go back to the wall for a nice deep massage. We end the practice lying on the mat doing bent elbow angel wings. The supine position aligns the spine nicely and gives you greater understanding of your shoulder alignment and the role of rhomboids in maintaining good posture and form in your yoga practice.

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