Twists to the rescue when in a rut: Parivrtta Trikonasana

≤45 min. Whether in your yoga practice or off the mat, if you are feeling like your habits are putting you in a rut, twists have a magical way of creating freedom from the tired routines you have dwelled in. In sanskrit there is a word for these habits and grooves we find ourselves in, called samskaras. As you do twists, you begin to have a broader awareness -- both physically, and behaviorally. Instead of a feeling of freedom from, you get a feeling of moving toward something new, something different, new discoveries about yourself and a feeling of rejuvenation. Start this practice standing, and continue these very accessible standing, seated, and supine twists -- and if you have blocks, a blanket and a strap nearby, it may help you go deeper into the poses. Rita's website: Anusara yoga website: #fulcrumblu

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