Vivaciousness in Vasisthasana

≤60 min. Strength and stability are called for the practice of side plank or Vasisthasana. Enjoy a playful and fun time on your mat as you build arm strength and explore a pose that requires open hips, steadiness and strength in arm balance, and length in the hamstrings. Even if the full pose feels inaccessible to you, there are so many variations and alternatives to explore. The sequence calls for are strength in adho mukha svanasana and palankasana, as well as standing poses such as virabhadrasana 2. Enjoy balance and hamstring poses such as uttitha trikonasana and ardha chandrasana. After vivacious vasisthasana alternatives, settle down and continue hip opening work in baby cradle and in seated poses such as ardha matsyendrasana and janu sirsasana. We close the practice in supta padangustasana variations and savasana. Thanks to so many friends who offered their time for the photos in this practice – also to Lula the cat that wanted to be part of the photo shoot as well!

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