Yin Yoga or slow motion, moving meditation – its your call

≤45 min. Yin yoga has lots of variations, and this in one. In this practice we hold poses for about 3 minutes. As you hold the poses for several minutes, the spaciousness that the stretch gives specifically in the joints instead of the muscles is invigorating. Most consider it a challenge (both mentally and physically) to hold a pose for a long time -- anywhere from 3 - 15 minutes. Yet with patience, yin practitioners enable access to balance those of us with very active lives or lots of “mind chatter”. If you find yourself with an exceedingly active mind you may notice that flow styles of yoga may intensify that state. Other benefits of this style include calmness, stress-reduction, as well as improved flexibility, joint mobility, and increased energy flow through deep tissue work. Although most of the physical focus of Yin yoga is to access specific joints (e.g., hips, pelvis, and lower spine) facilitate flexibility in those areas, research is showing that the hydration and release contracted and immobilized connective tissue. See more at https://fulcrumblu.com/practicenow/

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