Yoga Playshop: Bakasana in Stage 1 with Bent Arms

≤15 min. Bakasana alignment (aka crow pose or crane pose) is a work in progress -- especially the instruction that requires you to draw the tailbone close to the heels. There are so many aspects of the pose to work on - deep hip flexion, arm strength, core strength -- so this is a start to get us on the mat and practicing. Before you begin, make sure you have practiced beforehand, and if you get tired, or wrists are sore, etc. take a break. Start in the form of bakaana, but lying down on your back to get an understanding of all the muscles involved in the pose. Be sure to check out the correct engagement of your hands: and placement in downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana) : and plank (phalakasana): From plank move through chaturanga dandasana with a forward movement to practice shoulders forward of fingers as well as a shortened downward dog to strenthen the shoulders. Practice squatting -- with support of a blanket or towel if needed, and if you are concerned about crashing forward, build a soft landing for yourself with a blanket in front. Find out more about squats in: We are working toward full bakasana - so in this variation, the arms are bent; in the future we will work more on bringing the tailbone closer to the heels.

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