You may even enjoy plank once you have the details

≤15 min. Isn't it true that once you know more about something that you dislike doing, somehow it makes it doable -- that's what happened for me in plank pose or phalankasana. Plank engages the whole body -- arms, shoulders, the full circumference of the abdominal area, and the legs. For some of us this is not an easy pose for the wrists; knowing that, there are some instructions on how to maintain a neutral position of the wrists. Proper form calls for us to lengthen the sides of our body, take the head of the armbones back, and take the top of the throat back. The video teaches you how to "claw" the mat in such a way that you will not dump so much weight in the wrists. Once the hands and arms are engaged, you will move the heart slightly forward so that your shoulders are forward of the wrists; the pelvis is neither too high or low, the shoulders are not shrugging toward the ears, and the elbows are hugging in toward the midline of your posture. Holding the plank pose requires strength so you may have to build yourself up by doing some vertical planks against the wall, then your kitchen counter, then a chair before you have the stamina for the floor plank position.

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