Too busy to get to class today? Join Rita in a short practice. Get your mat and props, and we'll do some yoga now.

Freedom requires nourishment – rejuvenate, restore, rediscover

≤30 min. Your practice needs to be revitalized daily, yet we often feel as if once we reach a certain level of ease in yoga practice, we can coast. Nay nay! Practice takes commitment, steadfastness, and besides showing up at the mat we need to daily re-energize, rejuvenate, re-invent and all the other words that describe repetition and doing something again and again, over and over. As your body changes daily, so does your practice, and it takes commitment and a refreshed attitude each time you show up. 00:07 Freedom must be nourished - theme 00:17 "Re" Prefixes 00:54 Classical Sun Salute Breath 01:11 Extra Breath Sun Salute 01:34 Anjali Mudra 01:41 Urdhava Hastasana 01:54 Uttanasana 02:08 Low Lunge 02:22 Downward Dog 02:37 Plank to Cobra 02:54 Down Dog 03:08 Low Lunge 03:22 Uttanasana 03:35 Urdhva Hastasana 03:46 Anjali Mudra 04:05 Urdhva Hastasana 04:15 Uttanasana 04:28 Low Lunge 04:44 Down Dog 04:58 Plank/Cobra 05:13 Dog 05:29 Low Lunge 05:45 Uttanasana 05:58 Urdhva Hastasana 06:08 Anjali Mudra 06:53 Trikonasana 07:59 Tadasana 08:36 Trikonasana 10:33 Tadasana 11:05 Utkatasana - Chair Pose 11:45 Balancing Chair - Heels Lifted 12:51 Tree - Vrksasana 14:16 Utkatasana - Chair 14:40 Balancing Chair 15:39 Tree - Vrksasana 17:05 Tadasana 17:42 Cat Cow Variation 19:40 High Lunge pulses to low lunge w/ twist 20:52 Dog 21:33 High lunge pulses to low lunge w/ twist 23:15 Dandasana 23:33 Pulsing Hamstring Stretch 26:19 Sucirandrasana variation 28:13 Savasana

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