Rita KnorrI feel fortunate to have been able to have experience in a wide variety of professions – everything from scooping ice cream to secretary, professor, civil engineer, cook, and now as an owner of Savvy Green eco-friendly cleaning products. Through all of those professions, I’ve been able to practice and enjoy yoga. My love of yoga has evolved to teaching.  I am  blessed to have had wonderful teachers that have guided me on this path. In 1993, I met a gifted meditation teacher whose teachings have provided guidance in my studies of hatha yoga, meditation, and scriptural study.  I began expanding my interest in hatha yoga and participated in numerous trainings by internationally recognized yoga instructors. I’ve also studied with numerous other nationally recognized teachers. I’m honored to have such remarkable teachers of meditation and hatha yoga. Their teachings continue to guide my practices and teaching style. As a teacher of hatha yoga since 1997, I’ve conducted progressive classes, sessions for students with special needs, weekend workshops and teacher trainings. Join me in some of the practices on this website and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  See you on the mat!

Best, Rita Knorr