Once you have set up your mat and have time to practice yoga, follow one of the sequences via Fulcrum Blu’s YouTube channel or as it appears in lessons below. Practice links are given with focus to different body parts and different movements.  Take a moment and pause; be aware of your breath… your physical actions… and your alignment.

Open your hips with standing poses and gain greater awareness.

Enjoy hip openers to lead you to lotus (pdf).

Learn to maintain a steady foundation—whether it is your feet, hands, or head (pdf).

Practice aligned physical actions to strengthen your poses applying kidney and pelvic loops (pdf).

Rejuvenate your practice and go deeper in thigh stretches (pdf).

Lengthen your side ribs to prepare for deeper twists (pdf).

After you have completed a sequence of poses, be sure to lie down on your mat and take at least 5 minutes to restore the body and mind in savasana.