5 Must-do poses in your home practice | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Home practice made simple — these 5 poses are great go-to poses that allow for lots of variations. Busy schedule? As Mahatma Gandhi noted, with a full day of accomplishments in front of you, more yoga is called for! When you are stuck and can’t figure out a sequence, these 5 poses just allow for a natural flow to a practice that focus your thoughts and allow for a bit more spaciousness in your day.
01:05 Number 1 Downward Dog
01:50 3 legged dog
02:19 Side stretch pivet dog
03:06 Number 2 Virabhadrasana 2 Warrior 2
04:33 Goddess Warrior
05:43 Humble Warrior
07:09 Number 3 Lunge with variations
10:17 Number 4 Bridge Setubhanda Sarvangasana
11:43 Savasana

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