Actions to practice to spread your toes – gain stability and balance | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Take your shoes and socks off, grab a chair, and do some of these toe exercises to improve mobility of your ankle, build stronger arches, and get a wider foundation on your feet stability & circulatory benefits.
00:08 Benefits of toe practice for yoga
00:52 Toe spread and lift to engage and get an achilles stretch
01:38 Hand towel toe work – draw folds of towel toward heel for strong arches
02:23 Planar flexion to dorsiflexion and zig zag feet for ankle strength
03:31 Isolate big toe movement with baby toes engaged
05:32 Kneeling & moving toward vajrasana – sitting on your heels, toes tucked under
06:13 Lunge with plantar flexion of back foot for length to top side of foot and ankle strength

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