Breath restores you – movement, seated, & lying down | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Ujjayi breath practice is often taught in yoga classes yet misunderstood as a forceful and sometimes loud practice. Instead practice a gentle, smooth and rhythmic action that won’t stress the throat. In this practice you will sit, then move with the breath through half sun salutes before lying down to experience how the flow of the breath shifts in standing, seated, and supine poses of your yoga practice.
01:38 Breathe out through the mouth as if fogging the mirror
02:28 Hand in front as if it is a mirror, feel the breath & practice un-fogging the imaginary mirror
05:51 Applying the fog the mirror concept, breathe through the nose
06:18 Repeat the sound heard with mouth breathing in nostril breathing
08:00 Focus on the pause between the in-breath and out-breath
09:32 How loud should the breath practice be?
10:25 Move with the breath in half sun salutes
15:22 Set up for supine breath practice with bolster or folded blanket
16:08 Support of head in supine pose
17:14 Hands to low belly to feel the expansion of the abdominal area with breath
21:26 Move hands to mid thoracic as a way to focus and to route the breath
22:12 Pathway to the breath moves hands to upper chest area
23:26 Savasana

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