Chair yoga for spinal flexibility – forward, backward, & side bend movement | Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Seated and standing poses in a chair plus downward dog and balance using the chair as a prop.
00:38 Seated half sun salutation; forward bend, backbending
02:38 Virabhadrasana 2 to parsvakonasana – Seated version
04:08 Downward dog using the chair as a prop to 3 legged dog
05:32 Lunge with front foot on chair seat to side stretch, dog for transition
08:38 Upward dog with hands on chair seat
08:50 Lunge twist with front foot on chair seat
11:20 Cat / Cow seated spinal movement
12:50 Seated sucirandrasana with forward bend
15:00 Seated forward bend – paschimottanasana variation
16:00 Hip flexion to Hamstring stretch -each side
18:40 Balance on one leg with hip flexion, tree pose, and hip extension
20:40 Seated breath practice and resting pose

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