Chair Yoga stretches from head to toes | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Have you been sitting too long and need a break but can’t get to your mat? These accessible seated poses enable a practice of backbends, forward bends, side body lengthening, and twists.
00:51 Interlaced fingers behind neck to backbend followed by forward bend
01:48 Seated twist, arms raised, fingers interlaced
02:48 Neck stretch holding chair
04:40 Forward bend, back bend with fingers interlaced behind neck
06:05 Forward bend, back bend with hands to knees
07:08 Wide to narrow stance while moving upper back
08:01 Wide stance parsvakonasana variation beginning with neck stretch
09:40 Seated Hip Flexion to leg extension
11:33 Boat pose (Navasana variation) in chair
12:19 Prasarita Padottanasana variation (wide stance forward fold)
13:18 Seated Twist
13:50 Deeper forward fold holding chair legs

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