Core tone with simple slow movement |Rita Knorr – Fulcrum Blu Yoga

Core strength is often thought to require workouts for “6 pack abs” yet yoga practice teaches us that core strength is not only the front body muscles such as the abdominals, but also side and back muscles that all support the mid-thoracic spine. This accessible practice brings your awareness to the full cast of supporting muscles in a kneeling, forearm, seated, and supine practice. Strengthen the natural curve of the lumbar spine through leg actions. Continue in poses that not only engage core muscles but also serve to stabilize the hips. These variations will serve to strengthen abdominal, side and back core muscles and serve as preparatory postures to complement muscular action for navasana and supta padangustasana.
00:51 Lunge: upper body circular motion
04:11 Forearm plank
05:27 Forearm variation of vasisthasana
07:27 Balance on one knee: kneeling balance
09:44 Interlaced finger forearm plank to forearm vasisthasana variation
13:35 Navasana preparation from dandasana
14:55 Supine neutral spine to supta padangustasana variation
17:56 Savasana

Thanks to Michael King for the inspiration.

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