Create length of your side body to expand the inner fire | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Can’t seem to get enough of side stretches; because of imbalances in the right and left side rib area, the spine cannot expand to its fullest. Find that side body spaciousness with these poses.
is 01:10 Childs Pose with a twist and stacked hands
04:13 Low lunge side stretch
05:52 Downward dog side body movement pivot on tiptoes
07:08 Cobra variation on fingertips elbows aligned over wrists
07:50 Thread the needle repetitions to expand sides in twist
10:40 Kneeling tricep stretch hand to occipital ridge
12:40 Lizard lunge from low lunge position to deeper hip opening
15:30 Down dog, pivot side to side, fingertip cobra
17:40 Prasarita Padottansana

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