Fresh new beginnings – yoga for vitality and rejuvenation | Rita – Fulcrum Blu

If you feel that changes need to occur in your life and it is time to redirect and start on a new path, yoga practice can support us to give vitality as we embark to do new things. Move from downward dog to three different poses Virabhadrasana 1, Ardha Chandrasana, and Vasisthasana to give you the strength and energy needed to commit to begin anew.

00:39 Parvatasana
01:20 Side Stretch Parvatasana
02:15 Downward Dog with leg movements
03:15 Dog to Virabhadrasana 1
06:02 Spinal movement in utkatasana
07:45 Parvatasana side stretch balance
10:20 Eight Point Pose
10:37 Bhujangasana
11:29 Dog to Ardha Chandrasana
13:29 Eight Point Pose
14:01 Side Plank variation – Vasisthasana
16:22 Supported Setu Bandha Sarvangasana to Sarvangasana
19:47 Savasana
22:24 Namaste

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