Get strength while you are recuperating in bed | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Recovery often means yoga in bed. In order to ensure that muscle atrophy is minimized, move your legs and arms and strengthen abdominal, neck and back muscles with these supine postures.
00:30 Focus on breath
01:30 Crescent moves – arms extended, legs straight
03:40 Neck eccentric contraction moves
05:20 plantar flexion, dorsiflexion for foot strength
05:50 Zig zag feet for ankle strength
06:59 Cactus arms – elbows forward, hands back to prayer or clapping
08:38 Chin lift to strengthen neck muscles
10:00 Glute pumps with hip extension
11:23 Side plank – knees bent
12:24 Bicep eccentric contraction – strength as you lengthen w/ upper chest lift
14:04 Interlaced fingers w/ straight arms forward, overhead, and head lift
16:10 Toe tap abdominal strengthener
17:08 Side body strengthener with one leg circling
19:05 Outer hip toning – abduction
20:03 Lifting to bridge
20:12 Savasana

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