Knee Strength from Glute, Hamstring, and Quad Toning | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Hamstrings, quadriceps, and rotator muscle strength and flexibility all have a role in ensuring kneecap or patella support. This practice leads you through poses that should be repeated for support and strength around your kneecap.
00:38 leg lift on rolled blanket
03:38 Squeeze block upper inner thighs to charge adductors for chair pose or utkatasana
04:28 Squeeze block and tap back
05:28 Utkatasana stance without block, tap back
07:28 Squeeze block at inner thighs for bridge pose
08:55 Squeeze block, lift one leg to thigh height
09:27 Without block lift one leg in bridge
11:18 Savasana with knee support on blanket

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