Let your smartwatch ensure that you get to the mat | Rita Knorr – Fulcrum Blu Yoga

Closing your fitness circle and meeting your daily exercise goals can be challenging and the “helpful” reminder of a fitness tracker may be all it takes. That’s what got me to the mat for this practice! What works for you?
This short practice includes forward folds, backbends, side stretches, twists and poses for axial elongation.
00:59 Pedal legs in dog
01:31 High lunges
02:38 Parsvakonasana
03:34 Balance on one leg – tree
04:59 Triangle to Half Moon
07:14 Squat – Malasana variation
07:50 Badha konasana & side body stretch
09:09 Windshield wipers
09:51 Supine Twist
10:36 Setubhanda sarvangasana
11:38 Savasana
Rita’s website: https://fulcrumblu.com/
Anusara yoga website: https://www.anusarayoga.com/