Moving toward padmasana – poses to prepare outer hips for lotus | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

A series of hip openers will move you closer to lotus, even if your knees prevent you from getting into the full pose. Standing, seated, and supine poses make for a good sequence to practice whether or not you are working on the full pose.
00:38 Wide stance prasarita padottansana with variation — pull shins in with leg power, push out with forearms
02:08 Balance on one leg, move lifted for hip flexion, hip extension with no-hands tree pose in between
04:24 pigeon variation with femur parallel to mat; forward bend, twist, and diagonal movement
09:30 Gomukasana leg lift with top leg resisting lift
11:30 Agnistambasana – fire log pose with variations
13:18 Supta padangustasana without strap to supine half lotus
16:48 Sucirandrasana (figure 4) to twist holding top foot down
18:28 Savasana

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