Muscle strength even as you stretch | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Eccentric, concentric, and Isometric muscular actions are all involved in refining alignment and building muscle strength in yoga postures. In this practice we focus on eccentric muscle contraction in a yoga poses with slight variations to slow simultaneously engage through muscle elongation. 00:38 High lug repetition of bending back knee
02;20 Slow movements toward squat
03:08 Knee plank slow movement to mat
03:26 Baby cobra repetitions
04:20 Plank with slow and steady move to mat
04:36 Pulsing and lifting in cobra
05:05 Kneeling to move toward ustrasana in this variation
07:08 Tricep pump to move to purvottanasana
08:08 Bridge walk/inch out
09:40 Bridge with towel slide
11:11 Savasana

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