Poses for Flexible Shoulders | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

This sequence will prepare your shoulders for arm balances and give a feeling of length through the side body and ease in your neck muscles.
00:38 Side body (Latissimus dorsi) stretch
01:07 Tricep stretch to lengthen side body
02:06 Lunge variations for side body length
04:31 Downward Dog
04:59 Sphinx to cactus arms to pec stretch
06:55 Garudasana arm variation – straight arm
07:34 Gomukasana arms using a strap
09:45 Garudasana arm variation in Virabhadrasana 2 stance
12:06 Gomukasana variation with strap in Virabhadrasana 2 stance
12:55 Savasana

Rita’s website: https://fulcrumblu.com/
Anusara yoga website: https://www.anusarayoga.com/

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