Protect your knees with Pigeon Pose variations | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Practice pigeon pose in a way that works for your knees. A more accessible version is with the thigh straight forward rather than angled. After avoiding the pose for years I’ve found that these variations make eka pada raja kapotasana accessible. This was a fun practice during the time that a thunderstorm that was passing through which you may hear — not to worry — the audio is not a glitch in your computer!
00:42 Baddha Konasana to Pinwheel or 90/90 site pose
02:41 Low Lunge
03:26 Front thigh bone parallel to long edge of yoga mat in pigeon variation
05:48 Dog
06:18 Pigeon – forward bend, diagonal, and twist variations
12:00 Baddha Konasana to Pinwheel with forward bend and notice the difference in hip movement

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