Protect your shoulders and wrists in plank & chaturanga | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Wrists and shoulders can suffer in a vinyasa-style practice if you are repeatedly moving from down dog, plank, and chaturanga. Find out the safest way to do that movement and learn how to align yourself properly.
00:33 Student concerns about shoulder and wrists movements in yoga
01:37 Demonstration of Dog to Chaturanga Dandasana to mat
01:58 Alternative move – knees on floor before lowering from plank to mat
02:27 Free your hands for ease in the wrists – no cobra, instead salambhasana
03:08 Non weight-bearing demonstration of plank to chaturanga arms
03:39 Discover your shoulder ball & socket joint and movement of humerus
05:00 Loop a strap to learn alignment in chaturanga
06:01 Use a block to understand arm and shoulder alignment in chaturanga
07:42 Knees down to reduce weight bearing in wrists
08:18 Forearm plank with interlaced fingers for strength
09:50 Forearm position from dog
11:20 Create ways to make the postures work for your body

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