Reset, Restore, Rejuvenate – yoga to unplug and recharge | Rita – Fulcrum Blu

This restorative practice is about slowing down, switching off and doing less. We do less poses so we can rest, recharge & re-energize. This practice can encourage deep relaxation, which has a direct calming effect on the nervous system. When you relax, the stress response is suppressed and both blood pressure and heart rate lower. This slower practice will allow for physical rest to enable us to switch off our stress response and rebalance the body and immune system.
00:43 Child’s pose
03:34 Cat / Cow
04:47 Kneeling Twist – thread the needle
10:18 Hip opening lunge to kneeling parsvakonasana (side angle stretch)
16:18 Supine hip flexion to happy baby pose
20:58 Savasana
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