Shoulder loop actions to engage and open the upper back | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Create more flexibility in your upper back with these shoulder openers. Your standing poses and backbends will benefit from these poses. Energetic action of shoulder loop is addressed in this sequence.
00:27 Shoulder Rotation – Backward then forward
01:25 Shoulder movement with strap toward prasarita padottanasana
03:10 Trikonasana using strap to align shoulders
04:19 Gomukasana arms, parsvakonasana legs, bowing forward
07:43 Low lunge twist cactus arms to high lunge twist
11:01 Dolphin pose w/interlaced fingers, one leg lifted plus standard forearm alignment
13:22 Cactus pose on belly, roll to each side
14:58 Dandasana to crossed legs forward bend
19:22 Backbend over block lifting 3 times to go deeper
21:56 Savasana

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