Shoulder strength and core toning in your yoga practice | Rita for Fulcrum Blu

It might take a block to get the relationship between shoulder alignment and strength and core toning, but what a difference it makes!
01:15 Shoulder alignment with a block
01:56 Neck stretch with block
03:17 Virabhadrasana 2 stance with a block
05:49 Cat Cow wrist strengthener
07:10 Lunge w knee aligned over ankle & arms holding block
08:20 Parighasana stance with side stretches – repeat both sides
12:30 Cat / Cow reverse hand position
13:30 sukhasana side stretch with block
14:00 sukhasana twist – open palm
16:43 supine hip lift
18:18 Sucirandrasana
21:00 Savasana
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