Slow flow chair yoga for hips, shoulders, & core | Yoga with Rita – Fulcrum Blu

Engage to expand more fully starting with side body stretches and engagement of the spinal muscles and moving to hip flexion and extension, with quad and hamstring stretches incorporated as well.
00:33 Side body stretch interlaced fingers overhead
01:38 backbends to forward bends
02:15 Seated cat/cow
03:48 Hip flexion to hamstring stretch and quad engagement
04:38 Sitz bone balance – navasana chair variation
04:48 Utkatasana variation with for leg engagement and strength
05:28 Wide leg forward bend with a twist
06:14 Flow from Virabhadrasana 2 Sarvangasana & Goddess warrior
08:18 Triangle on the chair
09:50 Cycle feet with hip flexion
10:20 Combo quad and hamstring stretch
11:24 Chair Sucirandrasana
13:08 Savasana
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